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Consider it Done!

Rhy Bezuidenhout, Senior Editor

Business Directory

Tell the world about your business!

Did you know that Business Directory listings are a proven way to get quality backlinks to your business?

Thousands of people browse our website each month to find local businesses near them. We therefore always encourage business owners and promoters to submit their business contact details to our SME Business Directory as an initial step to attract more clients to your physical and online stores.


Guest Posting

Get the word out!

A business listing is good to get backlinks to your business web page and for those clients who may already know what you have on offer. But if you want to sell your product or service then publishing a more detailed article to introduce new customers is the best way to go.

Whether you are a business owner or not, tell the world in a guest post about your offering and attract more buyers.


Short Posting

Quick and efficient!

When time is more valueable than money and you want to get a quick message across then a Short Post is the answer. Publish a 100-word sponsored Short Post on one of the free business listings pages and get a backlink to your business, product or article.

All you need to do is to provide short post of at least a 100 word along with the link and keyword to promote and we will place it on the most relevant listing page.


PPC Advertising

Cream of the crop!

Get the most sought-after placement spots on Ashrays to get even more exposure. For a low Cost Per Click, you are guaranteed more quality traffic to your business listing on Ashrays. You set the budget; we bring your traffic.

Submit your business listing to get started.


Consider it Done!


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