The Carnivore cutter

The Carnivore™ biltong cutter/slicer is the most effecient manual rotary biltong cutter around.  The efficiency comes from the shape of the blade and the rotary motion which drives the cutting edge through the biltong in an impressively easy motion with each down stroke.

The adjustable thickness setting makes it possible to cut those chunky slices for those who want something to really chew on or the thinner slices for those with a more refined pallet.  Now you can easily serve up biltong to anyones prefered thickness at your next braai.  Impress your friends and family by serving up the biltong the way they like it.

Most outstanding features:

  • thickness adjustable, 1-10mm
  • finger protector to safely cut down to the last 2mm slice
  • manually operated so can even be used where there is no electricity
  • compact, only 30cm high
  • aluminium and stainless steel for food safety
  • easy clean and dishwasher safe

The crowd-funding campaign is planned for June/July 2021 and will be announced on this page as well as the Facebook page below, so do follow if you want to stay up to date.  We will be offering The Carnivore™ cutter at a 20% discounted rate during the crowd-funding campaign, so do make use of this opportunity as soon as the campaign starts.

You can also follow the progress of the project on:

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The Carnivore simply eats through biltong!