Guest Post – Guidelines

Writing a Guest Post

At Ashrays we endeavour to build a community wherein we let you not only publish your business contact details, but also publish articles on topics related to business start-up, entrepreneurship and small medium enterprises (SME). We aim to present information on our website which will assist business minded people to learn from one another by sharing useful information. Ashrays therefore allows anyone to share their thoughts and lessons by publishing a Guest Post.

Guidelines to Follow for Guest Posting

If you would like to publish a guest posting then there are some guidelines that we expect you to follow.


It is essential for you to select a topic for your writeup which is related to our website as it will ensure that your article does get approved for publishing. Therefore, you must make sure that the article you write and submit is related to the categories listed below.

  • business start-up
  • entrepreneurship
  • small medium enterprise (SME)
  • business advice
  • marketing and promotion
  • automation
  • best practices
  • product reviews
  • what is happening in your industry?

Your article would be a fantastic resource for our site if it relates to any of these. Also, please make sure that you don’t send us article that are entirely unrelated since it would most likely not be posted.

Length of the Article

A well-researched educational article with more than 1200 words would be engaging to our readers and is therefore what we expect.

External Links

  • If your website content is relevant to the article then you can drop a backlink to your own website in the article. We do however only allow one relevant Do Follow link in the article and it must only point at your own blog.
  • We do not entertain affiliate links inside the articles since it would damage the reputation of our website. In case you are looking to promote your affiliate link or something promotional then please contact us with the subject name “Advertising”.
  • Make sure that you do not use the guest posting to promote or advertise any other products or commercial sites since this comes under the advertising section. In case you are looking for a sponsored post opportunity then please contact us with the subject title “Sponsored and Advertisement”.

Writing for Readers

You must write the article in a way that conveys your own words and character. Keep in mind the targeted audience and keep the articles appealing.

Make your Article Reader Friendly

When an article is written to be readers friendly then it becomes much easier for them to read since your message would be easily conveyed to them. Design your articles in a way that contains a related heading, subheadings and important terms in bold words. Also, use bullet points wherever you feel the need.


Putting visuals in an article would surely catch the attention of the readers. Hence, make sure that you include relevant and copyright free pictures, infographics, or videos (along with proper acknowledgement) wherever required in the article.  Visit Feature Image for Social Posts for more information.


Never publish any writeups that are copy-pasted from other websites. We would never accept any kind of posts like this as we appreciate other’s hard work, and so should you.  If we found that you are giving us plagiarized content, we will remove your article and it wouldn’t be published.

How many posts can I  publish.

There is no restriction on the number of articles you can publish, as long as they adhere to all the guidelines in this document and not considered to be spammy. 

We all like to read a good though out article and hate spam!


It doesn’t cost anything to publish a Guest Post on Ashrays, as long as you have an active Premium subscription.

If the article adhere to our guidelines on this page then it will be made live within 24 business hours, from time of submission.

Each post may have 1 link in the post and the authors profile may have 1 link. That would then give a total of 2 do follow links per post.

The post will remain live as long as it is relevant; we aim to keep it permanently. It would be up to the author to notify us to take it down.

If we find that either of the target websites are no longer in use, for 60 days minimum, then we may choose to either remove the links and retain the article or to redirect it to another target.

Please visit the Backlinks page for image assets and guidelines on how to setup your backlinks.

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No.  Ashrays aims to provide business related material to our visitors and have found that a lot of spam is generated when a post is not associated with a business that has a reputation to uphold.  We therefore only allow business subscribers to publish guest posts.