Guest Posting 101: The Benefits and How To Get Started Right!

Guest posting, also known as guest blogging is a practice that basically consists of writing an article in a blog web site that is not your own. The idea is to write about a very similar theme to the publishing web site, turning the author of the article into a guest author. This is a very common technique, mostly, on English-speaking blogs. However, this practice has slowly been permeating to foreign-language blogs, as it represents a special set of benefits to both the guest author and the blog that is receiving this type of collaboration.

Experts state, in a general view, that guest posting is a very versatile method to attract more people to a web page, making it more appealing to the public, bringing more visibility to the content the blog’s owner tries to share.

The benefits that guest posting carries are usually divided into two categories; for the author that’s participating and for the blog page that is receiving the collaboration.

The benefits of guest posting for the author

Credibility and recognition

By being invited to blog on a blog that has a wider range and popularity, instantly makes that the guest author more recognized due to the credit received in the hosting web site. This is the key to be noticed by other viewers and a big opportunity to promote the content the guest author provides on his blog.

Creates new professional relationships

It is known that collaborating with other blog pages to write articles is an amazing way to generate good relationships between the blog owners, the authors, other blogs, and also a good reputation in the blogging community. This increases the opportunities that the guest author is contacted by other blog owners. Once this integration process has started, it makes the guest author a lot more recognizable on social media.

Generate links for your blog

Link building is considered one of the most effective tactics for making your blog look considerably more appealing for other bloggers’ viewers and is also an easy way for them to get to know your page. As introduced earlier, guest posting is a technique that creates a win-win situation.

The benefits of guest posting for blogging site

The list of benefits is incredibly wide, some of them are:

Gain more viewers

Accepting authors from other blogs can open numerous doors for gaining a reputation for your blog. In cases where the author is specialized or has deep knowledge in the subject he is writing of, his opinion can bring more credit to the subject being discussed.

Note: It is important to understand that the blog’s content represents their base product and is responsible for their public image. The quality articles you post is the core product to satisfy their readers and will make their readers more loyal. It is therefore important to publish quality articles that are well researched and reader friendly.

Earn links and gain more range in social media

The author gets to profit from generating links for his blog. The owner gets benefits too by increasing the number of posts which gives their site a higher probability for viewers visiting their blog and subsequently, the blog is more likely to gain new subscribers.

Improve SEOs

Consistently publishing high quality articles can make the difference to search engines. With this in mind, adding good links can be the “cherry on the cake” to make a successful blog. This will provide great cooperation to improve the blog’s search engine optimization (SEO) performance on search engines like Google, Bing, Duckduckgo, etc.!

Writer/blog cooperation

A quick guide to be successful on guest posting when just starting on this technique is to follow a list of steps that are fundamental in any writer/blog cooperation:

  1. In general terms from the author’s perspective, it is required to find blogs that are relevant to their industrial background so that the target audience is similar. The opportunities to submit guest posts therefore must be assessed. Also, it is important to assess the blog’s traffic to get the best results when the guest post is submitted; which may include the activity of the blog on social media sites as well.
  2. Some options for searching opportunities are searching on a search engine with keywords like “guest post”, “submit a guest post”, “guest post guidelines”, or “guest bloggers” which will direct the author to a wide range of opportunities in the industry of interest.

Another quick method to find a place where submitting guest posts are through Twitter, by doing a search on “guest post” to get the latest updates. Similarly, another option is looking for a range of blog pages that accept article submission.

  1. When that research is done comes the part of contacting the guest posting publisher. The best way to do this is with an email presentation with all the details (what blog does the author own, who is he, and what are his personal goals when beginning the relationship, showing up the knowledge he has about the blog). Making a list of benefits can be an object of interest for the blog owner, too.

Two key recommendations when submitting the actual guest post are:

    • The guest post the author is trying to submit has to be similar to the other articles on the page, we mean that if the other articles’ lengths are less than 300 words, the guest post can’t be more than that, or if they use lots of headers and images, you, as a guest author, should do that too.
    • Including some internal links that can go to the blog can also help, this demonstrates that the author has knowledge of the blog page he is working with, increasing the probability of working together again. Also, calling for interaction on the comments at the end of the article can help improving traffic, however answering those comments is key.
  1. From the author’s perspective, when a blog is found on which you may guest post, a shared goal has to be set as it is fundamental for the project to succeed. Whether it is getting more traffic to the author’s website, or gaining a good reputation in the writing industry, or any other, it is necessary that all parties involved agreed on the topic of the post.

As for the blog owner’s perspective, it is fundamental to get to understand the type of blogs the author is used to writing for and their background.

In both cases, whether you are an owner or an author, it is necessary to investigate what type of audience is targeted with their articles and, what type of articles they tend to submit.

  1. And last but not least, if the goal is to get more traffic on the main blog, the results should be measured with a specialized program like Google Analytics to see whether the objectives were met and whether you should invest more effort in further blogs on the site.

For more information about google analytics visit:

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