How Electric Scooters Offer an Efficient Way to Move at Work and Campus

What do campuses and construction sites have in common? Both cover a large area and people often find it cumbersome to move around from one place to another. Some campuses cover acres of land, which puts a huge distance among buildings, on-campus housings, and campus facilities. Although many campuses provide shuttles for easier travel, these are often scheduled and not always available throughout the day, making it inconvenient for students with irregular schedules.

It’s also the same issue for people working in large areas such as construction sites. Although there are trucks to move people around in construction sites, trucks are not always convenient because of their size. Moreover, it’s not an eco-friendly way to move around, especially if you just need to get to another area for a meeting.

Electric scooters solve this short-distance travelling problem by providing a mobile, convenient, and sustainable solution to move around. In fact, major countries across the world such as the US, the UK, France, and Australia have been implementing them in public. With the help of e-scooter ride-sharing services like Lime and Bird, electric scooters have become more affordable and accessible to the public. Because of its efficiency and sustainability, some universities and workplaces have also adopted them to offer a better way to move around.

Here’s why it’s gaining popularity on campuses and larger workplaces.

Allows accessible transport within or nearby areas

Most distances travelled are under 10km, and using a car for short distances is not only inconvenient but also harmful for the environment due to the carbon emissions. As mentioned, it’s difficult to travel within campuses or large facilities due to its large area. When in a hurry, electric scooters offer an accessible and affordable way to travel within these premises.

For riders, it’s easy to find electric scooters because it can usually be parked anywhere, aside from its dock. Moreover, electric scooters cut down 30 minutes of their travel time every day. After all, it’s mobile enough to travel through narrow paths and has an average speed of 16 mph, making it a faster way to get around, compared to bicycles. Off-road electric scooters are also a sturdy option for moving around construction sites or large facilities that have rough paths.

It’s also worth noting that electric scooters don’t mean to replace other sustainable transport options such as bicycles. Rather, it provides an additional alternative option that’s always available whenever someone needs it. Electric scooters fill the mobility gap that scheduled shuttles offer.

Provides a faster and safe way to move around during the pandemic

Given the news regarding the safety of electric scooters, it is only natural to ask “Are electric scooters reliable?” With proper knowledge and handling, electric scooters offer safe and reliable transportation, especially during the global pandemic. In fact, during the onset of the pandemic, electric scooters have become one of the safer ways for front liners to travel to and from work due to social distancing practices.

For example, in the Philippines, a non-profit e-scooter group lent healthcare workers personal electric scooters from donors and volunteers. According to the group, this project helped employees get to the hospital quickly and transfer swiftly between buildings within their compound while reducing their fatigue as they travelled. Moreover, the electric scooters ensured that employees have available transport to go home safely even during late hours.

Aside from this, the food delivery industry has seen a growth in e-scooter usage. The US ride-sharing company Gotcha Mobility has even offered its scooters to support local restaurants and retailers to keep up with the demand for food and essentials. E-scooter company OjO reports that using e-scooters can make deliveries efficient by over 30% compared to cars and bicycles. In this case, electric scooters enable these businesses to deliver food efficiently while keeping riders safe from the pandemic during transport.

As more people turn away from mass transit to keep safe during the pandemic, businesses can use electric scooters to offer employees, especially essential workers, a safe personal transport.

Reduces the need for parking space

Did you know that drivers spend 17 hours in a year looking for parking space? This results in employee tardiness which can cost companies $3 billion in lost productivity each year, according to a DeLonzor study.

Fortunately, one of the benefits of electric scooters is its portability and space-saving nature. Most e-scooters are foldable and lightweight, making personal e-scooters easy to store in small spaces and even underneath office desks. For campuses, scooter campus programs allot parking stations that keep e-scooters charged and prevent students from leaving them on sidewalks. Ultimately, it eliminates the issue of wasting time to find a free parking space.

Moreover, encouraging the use of electric scooters saves companies on parking space cost. According to ParkOffice, parking for staff costs over €4,000 (~$4,840.38) per year. Companies can reduce or maximise this cost with electric scooters. After all, since electric scooters have a similar built with bicycles, companies can fit up to 20 electric scooters in one parking space.

The potential for better efficiency

Mobility is changing transportation in the streets and the workplace. Encouraging electric scooters in the workplace and campus provides people with a safer and faster option to move around one destination to another, especially during the pandemic. To ensure the employee’s safety while riding, companies or universities must also teach riders the proper way to drive these scooters. In this way, both parties are guaranteed safe and efficient transport.


Mearth Technology is Australia’s first e-scooter developer providing scooters that redefine transportation. Launched in 2015, Mearth continues to research, design, and produce e-scooters that cater to all kinds of riders, from everyday commuters to off-road travellers. Today, Mearth continues its mission to provide quality, sustainable, and fun electric scooters for Australia.

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