ADL Homestore


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Do you remember those old style hardware stores that seemed to have everything you needed and there was always someone eager to give a hands on approach to your problem? ADL Homestore is here to bring back that family style service you have always been accustomed to! We have been serving the Billesley and surroundings areas for over 20 years We are a family owned and operated hardware store, because that’s the way it should be! You will be amazed at how much we pack into our shop and you can save time and lots of money by coming to us for all manner of household, decorating and building requirements. We pride ourselves at being small enough to have time for each customer but big enough to be extremely competitive

Rhy Bezuidenhout

As a multi-faceted IT specialist, Rhy has a deep understanding of outsourced IT support and the intricacies it holds. He is an entrepreneur by heart and has advised both SME and multi national institutions on IT strategies and procurement.