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ColoradoCBDseed in Loveland, Colorado has been breeding, growing, and producing high CBD strains since 2015. Our CBD hemp seeds are known for having some of the most exotic terpene profiles, including the infamous Abacus Diesel™ and Inzane Diesel™. All of our CBD seeds are feminized CBD seeds with 98% germination rates. Contact us to see what feminized hemp seeds we have for sale and a copy of our hemp seed catalog.

We believe in Transparency. Quality. Organic Growing Methods. Relationships.

Our Growing practices

All of our growing operations are managed Organically, whether outdoor, indoor, or in the greenhouses. We believe that Best Practices ensure quality and consistency, from the ground up.

Curious about what is being used on our plants? Growing mediums? Nutrients? Pest Control? You don’t even have to ask, we will tell you. And we are huge believers in Organic growing because we believe that there is no need to grow Hemp any other way. So whether you buy seed, clones, or flowers, we will tell you what was used on them during their entire life cycle, because transparency is a core belief of ours and we want to pass that on to you. We only use products from trusted sources who we know very well, and most just happen to be dear friends of ours whose ideals about growing and quality match ours.

Our in-house bred and produced CBD Seeds have been University tested and approved in most hemp states.

Our Genetics

The Hemp cultivars that we grow and offer have been chosen based on certain criteria: stability, vigor, terpene and cannabinoid profile, and overall yield. We are well versed with these cultivars, as we have been growing them for several years and understand the way they grow in all types of conditions and environments, whether it be indoors, outdoors or greenhouse, no matter the scale. This intimate knowledge of each strain allows us to help you to make the best choice that will give you an even better chance of having successful and healthy growth which will lead to a bountiful harvest.


Abacus™ was originally created in the early 2000’s in Northern California in Humboldt County. Humboldt County is infamous for its many decades of outdoor cannabis growing. One Humboldt County breeder by the name of Nate Smith was destined to create a high CBD cultivar to help people with specific ailments and illnesses in the state of California.

Beginning with two high THC cultivars (OG and Purple Urkle) and a landrace hemp cultivar, Nate began crossing and testing for multiple generations, using smell and flavor of both the leaves and flower, Nate decided on a phenotype that embodied the unique taste and aroma that he was searching for. He eventually developed a stable, high CBD genetic with beautiful purple colors and a terpene profile that rivals most other cannabis flowers still to this day; Abacus™.

In early 2016, our CEO, Marc Brannigan contacted Nate about a CBD domain that Nate owned, and after many conversations about breeding cannabis, the two realized that they had a common goal of wanting to help people with cannabis. Nate wanted to share Abacus™ with all that could benefit, and Marc knew that he could help make this a reality. The uniqueness about Abacus™ immediately intrigued and impressed Marc, and they struck a deal allowing our company, Colorado CBD Seed to purchase the rights to Abacus™, so we could continue to cultivate and share this amazing cultivar.

Since 2016, Abacus™ has been grown in California, Colorado, Wisconsin, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Michigan and Puerto Rico, just to name a few, and the list is growing by the day. It is also currently being used for research collaboration projects with 5 universities in the US, and that list is growing as well.

Colorado CBD Seed™ has been continuing to breed Abacus™ and further it’s lineage in order to create new cultivars with unique terpene and cannabinoid profiles. Some of these cultivars are Abacus 2.0™, Cherry Abacus™, Cherry Abacus 2.0™, Abacus Early Bird™, Abacus Early Bird 2.0™, Cherry Abacus 2.0™, and our favorite, Abacus Diesel™.

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