Creature Comforts Southeast Ltd


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Dog & Cat supplies & accessories including most of the premium food brands like Hills Science Plan, Burns, James Wellbeloved, Royal Canin.
(No additives and chemicals)
Dog & cat kennels, cat toilets, feeders, collars, harnesses, the latest carriers and beds, as well as treatments for fleas, ticks, worms, mites etc.
Covered cat toilets are always a popular item as are designer dog coats, collars, harnesses for Staffies as well as smaller dogs as well as cats.
We also have the AMP frozen food, which is a “no additives” food, in 400grm blocks or 2Kg freeflow minces, as well as the 2Kg beef, tripe and liver chunks.
We always keep in stock a supply of rabbit & guinea pig hutches & runs
(outdoor and indoor) as well as the hay, straw & bedding for all small animals
such as hamster, rat, chinchillas.
We also stock cages, bird cages, fish tanks, reptile tanks and feeding bowls.
Although we do not stock a large range of reptile supplies & accessories we can order anything.

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