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for Birmingham. for design. for beauty. for you?
minima. provides a high quality service and understanding for needs that reflect the quality, thought and ‘labour of love nature’ of design driven products.

With an emphasis on high quality contemporary, classic, licensed furniture, lighting and accessories, minima. curated products are available online and from the elegant and captivating, subterranean, centrally located showroom, just a gentle stone’s throw from St Paul’s Square.
We place emphasis on a narrative of design, sui generis, that meets the needs of individuals, and that form and function are both equally placed- that the function of a product works in harmony with how it looks. Conversations have taken place. minima.’s space is a result of such communication, of dialogue, of sharing and of commonality. Autodidacts, we are messengers of the architects of utopian dreams, with a burning faith in a ‘community’ spirit.
minima. are passionate about well-conceived, well-made and enduring design- providing a second city platform for an alphabet of creators from Aalto to Wegner.
World class creation in a world class city.
minima. an articulation of form and function.

As a multi-faceted IT specialist, Rhy has a deep understanding of outsourced IT support and the intricacies it holds. He is an entrepreneur by heart and has advised both SME and multi national institutions on IT strategies and procurement.