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Hadley Rose is a luxury home furnishings brand that offers an extensive range of indoor and outdoor furniture, lighting, textiles and décor.
We serve as a curator of the finest historical designs the world has to offer. Our collections of timeless, updated classics and authentic reproductions provide a unique point of view and an unmatched combination of inspired design and high quality craftsmanship.
With a keen eye for creativity, beauty and innovation, Hadley Rose provides hand sourced bespoke furniture and accessories that are luxurious and elegant. The Hadley Rose philosophy is to search the world to discover the most beautiful and finest interior décor which combines creativity with the highest levels of quality.

Hadley Rose has been in the Furniture and Accessories market for many years, created by our director Thomas who has been in the luxury markets nearly all his professional career. Using his vast knowledge and experience he carefully selected which manufactures and suppliers to use, who could meet and exceed his expectations. The level he sets and expects from the people around him are the same level our customers demand when using Hadley Rose.

Our journey began in the outdoor furnishings marketplace and after years of success and many happy customers, Hadley Rose has managed to expand into many other areas of the luxury furnishings industry.

We have also now been able to expand and offer beautiful hand crafted pieces from our in house workshop where a lot of the inspirations we see across the globe come to life. We have an extremely talented team who’s eye for detail is second to none.
We are now working with some of the finest interior designers and hotels across the globe and we hope to further increase our global reach and network over the next few years.

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