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Diane and I met in 1988. We both had 2 German Shepherd Dogs each. Challenging times with 4 large dogs in a 3 bed semi! Over time we lost these four dogs but always kept at least two dogs as pets in our lives. We have also kept Rabbits, guinea pigs, fish, ferrets, gerbils and cats. We have both been dog trainers during our time together too (we met at a dog training class).
In 2002 when Ian was made redundant, we took on a mobile pet shop franchise where we learned a great deal about the production and make up of Pet Food.
In December 2004, we put down roots when we closed the franchise and opened our own shop here at 120 Hawthorn Road. We haven’t looked back! Although there is competition in the area, we have grown in size and turnover every year. We have extended our shop and we offer a wide range of food, treats, bedding, toys and almost everything that you need for your beloved pet. A major asset to our shop arrived in 2006. His name was Quest. He was an Alaskan Malamute. He came to us already thriving on a Raw Food diet. This began an exploration of what turned out to be a great source of healthy ways to look after our best friends. Unfortunately we lost Quest in March of 2019 but he helped us to both set our own pets and those of our customers on the right nutritional path. As well as nutrition, we believe in treating our pets as naturally as possible. To that end we like to use Phytopet Wormwood Complex to worm our pets on a monthly basis. We also recommend a wonderful ear cleaner from Quistel. An amazing range of products are available in the shop from Homeopet. They produce products that range from healing creams to treatment for anxiety. Each of these products have been used on our own pets and have been found to give excellent results. And that is what we want to offer, excellent products at reasonable prices and a commitment to offering the best service that we possibly can. Why not come along and see us? You’re always welcome. Bring your pets too!

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