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MASTERMINDS PRIVATE INSTITUTE in Limassol, Cyprus is a modern institute of education, which functions with passion and enthusiasm for knowledge. We have programs for kids, teens, and adults; so come and join our educational family.

Language Courses

  • Greek or English as a second language for children
  • Greek or English as a second language for adults
  • Greek language for B2 -C1 levels – Professional Greek
  • Professional English for adults
  • Russian for Children as a native language
  • Russian or Chinese as a second foreign language for children
  • Russian or Chinese as a second foreign language for adults

School Preparation

  • Get ready for primary school
  • Modern or Ancient Greek for Gymnasium and Lyceum
  • Ancient Latin for Lyceum
  • Get ready for your English test

Smart Programs

  • Manners4Minors
  • Computer science – ECDL

All of our courses and programs lead our students towards:

  1. Recognized English and Greek Language Exams such as IGCSE, A-Levels, IELTS
  2. Governmental and European examination A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, which will guarantee them a position at a renowned  University in Cyprus or abroad or the best possible employment opportunities
  3. Russian Language Examinations
  4. Chinese Language Examination
  5. ECDL diploma
  6. Manners4Minnors Certificate
  7. Pancyprian Tests


Programs for Kids

We believe that children are our future. In our Institute in Limassol we suggest modern and interesting education programs for your children.

School Support for Primary school

We know that you would love to be next to your children and help them with their everyday schoolwork, but we know as well that most of you are working in very demanding environments that leave you drained by the end of the day. So despite all the willingness for assisting your children, due to lack of energy from both sides, you are not able to properly assist your children with their homework, that’s why we are here to fulfill these gaps, to cover your children needs and at the same time to ensure that you will spend quality time with them!


We provide our children with knowledge and expertise, we teach them languages, mathematics, physics, history, robotics, and so many other things, but we should never forget to build their character, their personality, their social and communicative skills which will finally support all the rest. This is very significant but nowadays remains not paid attention to. Masterminds remind you of the necessity and invite you to attend the program.

Greek – English – Russian – Chinese

All the language programs for children are carefully structured to bring out the best in our little students by creating long-term educational baths of excellence, tailored to each individual. We introduce the beauty of education to infants as young as 3 years old and continue to stand by their side all the way up to their graduate education.

All the language classes for children are divided into native speakers classes and foreign speakers classes.

The children are taking exams by the end of every academic year in order to verify the level of knowledge.


Programs for Teens

Turning to Gymnasium is a stressful period in the life of every teenager, more subjects, exams enter their life and all seems to be harder year by year! Some help always counts towards supporting and boosting their confidence and for sure their results!

In Masterminds, we are experts on the subjects of:

  • Modern Greek
  • Ancient Greek
  • History
  • Ancient Latin


Language Programs for Adults

If you have a language barrier, want to brush up on your knowledge or if are open to new opportunities, then you are on the right page! Take your place in our group.

English Language for beginners

Education is a lifelong goal, the commitment of the progressive individual who challenges life and life’s possibilities!

  • English language for beginners
  • English language – advanced level
  • Professional English
  • Private lessons
  • Speaking classes

Students always can choose the exams that are most suitable for their needs (GCE/IGCSE Edexcel, IELTS, TOEFL, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2)

Greek Language

In our institute, you can attend Greek Language courses. Through the course, you will not only learn a foreign language but you will also travel through Greece and Greek eras!

  • Greek for beginners
  • Greek for semi- beginners
  • Greek language – B1 level
  • Greek language – B2 level
  • Greek language – C1/ C2 level
  • Private lessons
  • Speaking classes

Students always have the option of examinations – European examinations from the ministry of education A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 or the Edecxel exams Modern Greek as a second language.

Russian Language

In the modern cosmopolitan environment of Cyprus the more languages you speak, the better it is for your life and especially for your career!

  • Russian for beginners
  • Russian for advanced
  • Russian speaking classes
  • Russian private lesson

Students can always take the exams of the Russian embassy or the Edexcel – Russian as a second language.

Chinese Language

Speaking Chinese is a big advantage nowadays. Business, trading, construction industry are related to the Chinese market!

  • Chinese for beginners


Masterminds Private Institute’s Mission

  • to lead students to the highest level of knowledge, for the subjects they choose to learn, with the ultimate aim of fulfilling their individual goals;
  • to offer additional qualifications which will help individuals to improve their personal skills and accelerate the process of finding a perfect job;
  • to grow the self-esteem and confidence in our children by helping and supporting them with school subjects in both primary and secondary schools by combining existing school programs with innovative methods!

Masterminds is a second home, an educational family, which proudly supports its student academic needs for a successful life!


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