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MY REPUTATION in Milan, Italy is the Freemium platform of Reputation Manager® that allows you to verify and control your online identity.

Come and discover your My Reputation Score, the value between -100 and 100 of the index of your online reputation, which expresses your presence on search engines, and activity in social networks.

Evaluate your visibility on the web

Check and evaluate the content that search engines return to users looking for information about you.

Enhance your online identity and create a public profile

Complete the profile with your data and create your personal My Reputation page to have new content that improves your online identity

Monitor social networks and discover your top influencers

Connect your social networks to increase your score and find out which friends you interact with the most

Monitor your digital identity

Check your my reputation score to find out how complete and positive your identity is on the web, as well as how visible you are online


The Main Premium Services Available


Intervention on content harmful to digital identity. It is possible to de-power, eliminate, stem online negativity on your account, acting on several fronts, thanks to a service focused on the defense of digital identity from any harmful content for personal image and reputation.


Protection, communication and visibility. In addition to protecting your digital identity, it is important, at the same time, to build a positive, coherent and complete digital identity, choosing suitable communication channels with respect to the image you want to spread of yourself.


Creation and protection of digital identity for executives. The construction of an executive digital identity aims at the protection and management of a high-level online profile, with the use of communication channels with high added value and two levels of intervention: company and management.


Online privacy and personal data protection. How to protect us, our family and our company from disclosure of personal information or digital identity theft? The first step consists of identifying and checking the personal data disseminated or made public on the web. The next step is the removal and cancellation.

Web appraisal

Analysis and evaluation of reputational damage. The analysis is functional to the estimation of the image damage, evaluated through scientific parameters. It is carried out taking into account the visibility and viralization of harmful web content, also measured in terms of data incorrectness, defamation or slander.

Protection of minors

Protection of the digital identity of the weakest subjects. Intercept any sensitive data to protect minors from the dangers of the network and identify traces of cyberbullying episodes, prosecutable against the parents of minors.



MyReputation FREE

Create a public profile and Evaluate, Enhance and Monitor your identity on the web.

MyReputation PREMIUM

Constantly measure your digital identity and monitor the progress and positioning of your web content.


Design your personalized intervention plan with the support of qualified Reputation Manager professionals.


Our Advice

  1. Before posting videos of embarrassing situations (jokes, jokes, attitudes or particular situations) on YouTube , and before signing them, consider that they will immediately become public domain.
  2. Pay attention to the cover and profile image. Consider that employers, recruiters, colleagues, teachers and friends always monitor social media. If you use a slightly bold photo, it will be 99% first associated with your name on Google.
  3. Have you checked the privacy settings of your social media accounts? Think about who is listed in your contacts, and will read posts, photos or personal comments … and if the folders are private or public
  4. Your photos. Be careful to send them by chat, text message or e-mail to people you just met: you never know who they really are.
  5. Watch out for TAGs! Maybe you don’t know that when someone tags you they make public photos that you may never have wanted to be on the web!
  6. Photos in the disco. The photos published on the site and on the social pages of the club will easily be shared many times. Avoid stating your name, because the tag will have no mercy on you.
  7. Pay attention to geolocation. (place tags, check in …) when posting photos or messages. especially if you don’t want to let someone know where you are.
  8. Facebook contact is the new phone number, distribute it sparingly. At the end of the summer you may not have found love, but a bevy of stalkers.
  9. Never post the dates of your departure and return: even thieves monitor the web.
  10. Beware of posting images of minors on social media that could be violated (in general it is better never to post them).

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