Poplar DIY


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we have adapted our business over the years to provide a variety of products and services which will allow customers to always get what they are looking for. We are a small business with strong knowledge about both car and DIY sectors. We always guarantee customer satisfaction. We don’t only offer a huge range of products, but also offer knowledge and advice to all our customers with a smile. Over the last 40 years we have aimed to create a community spirit and make our shop feel like a place where people are welcome to ask questions, get advice, buy great products. Even though we are a small business we do aim to compete with larger stores and give a service in which they do not. We have developed such a vast number of returning customers over the years along with great feedback, and we wish to continue this proud motive.
Our stores cater for two main sectors. These two sectors are automobile vehicle spares & parts and DIY household and building supplies. We stock a huge range of products and always try our best to stock products on request if by chance we do not stock a specific item.

Rhy Bezuidenhout

As a multi-faceted IT specialist, Rhy has a deep understanding of outsourced IT support and the intricacies it holds. He is an entrepreneur by heart and has advised both SME and multi national institutions on IT strategies and procurement.