Relic Antique Warehouse


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For over 25 years, Malcolm , based in Southern France and with his shop in London’s St.Pancras, has been travelling around Britain, France and the Continent searching for imaginative and original items for discerning clients with emphasis on the rustic, the naive and on one-off local craftsman-made pieces-both for those who want their homes to be beautiful or inspirational, as well as those wishing to make either a personal statement or just a good long-term investment.
Over the years, Relic Antiques, have counted among their clients, either directly or indirectly, John Wayne, Mary Tyler Moore, Larry Hagman, Faye Dunnaway, Cate Blanchett and Teresa Heinz Kerry,- and have always kept firmly in mind the principle that a simple or naive craftsman-made piece can be as stylish and appealing as the more sophisticated or highly decorated fine-art antique, and in ones own home, the right blend of modern and ancient can look more charming and inspiring than the big Chateau or Stately Home.

Rhy Bezuidenhout

As a multi-faceted IT specialist, Rhy has a deep understanding of outsourced IT support and the intricacies it holds. He is an entrepreneur by heart and has advised both SME and multi national institutions on IT strategies and procurement.