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Here at Underground Reptiles we have a massive passion for all creatures big and small with reptiles being a firm favorite…We have a vast array of our own animals dogs, cats lizards ,birds ,ducks, rabbits ,snakes you get the idea
We aim to supply Captive bred animals , where ever possible and are able to source almost anything given time or at least point you in the right direction.
We also sell everything you could need to help your reptile thrive,not just survive … From live food to a full setup. See some of our deals below…..
LIVE FOODS… £2.50 per tub or 3 tubs for £6.00 or any 5 tubs just £9.00 choose from any combination of … locusts… crickets …mealworm.. waxworm… morio worms … we also stock dubia roaches…lobworms ..springtails..etc
FROZEN FOODS.. mice ,rats ,chicks, rabbits ,guinea pigs ,piglets ,pigeon… buy 4 of the same item get another one free ….
We will be building up out stocks again on tarantulas and inverts in the coming weeks …
Pop in and see us for a chat advice freely given if we don’t know then we will do our best to point you in the right direction we never stop learning which is all part if the fun . Look us up on Facebook Underground reptilez with a zed
(Please note we can open Sunday by appointment only)

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