Vicky’s Dog Grooming Parlour


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A busy Dog Grooming Parlour established for 34 years, professionally cutting and grooming of all breads of dog to their recognised bread style and cut, ears cleaned, nails cut.
We take pride in looking after your dog from the minute it walks through the door. All of the staff are animal lovers who take pride in delivering a quality and caring service.
Vicky has been in the trade for nearly 40 years, having first becoming interested in dog grooming whilst at school, and has been a business owner for 34 years.
She has dedicated long standing staff all trained by Vicky. Lil has been with Vicky since she set up the business, Emma has been in the business for over 20 years and Shilene for the last 7 years.
All dogs are kept separate in separate kennels and we do not use drying cages.
The parlour also cuts and grooms cats.
We also sell dog chews, treats, leads and collars, baskets, and coats.
We rely on our reputation for repeat business and many of our customers are on second and third generation of dogs.

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