Welcome to the Ashrays Telegram Community

The Ashrays Telegram group has been created to connect people who have a service or product on offer with those who have a need of a service or product.

Visit Telegram to join our group and tell us what you have on your mind.

To keep the group as efficient and clean as possible, here are some housekeeping rules for the group:

  1. By subscribing to this service, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Ashrays.
  2. Do NOT directly contact members of the channel without them making an offer or requesting assistance as per the following points.
  3. Introduce yourself to the channel and tell us what you are “OFFERING”.
  4. When you want to introduce your service or product to the group then start a new message and place the following text at the beginning of your sentence: “OFFERING: “. E.g.
    • “OFFERING: I have a mobile tig and gas welding service and can weld steel, brass and aluminium. Located in Walthamstow, London, UK. “
    • “OFFERING: Do you need your car windscreen repaired in Melbourne, Australia?  We come out to you.”
  5. When you are looking for a service or product then start a new message and place the following text at the beginning of the sentence: “LOOKING FOR:“.
    • “LOOKING FOR: I am looking for someone who can help me speed up my website.”
    • “LOOKING FOR: I am based in Texas and need an on call vet for the next two weeks.”
  6. When you are able to assist a person then make direct contact by clicking on the user’s name and then “SEND MESSAGE”.
    1. Introduce yourself.
    2. Say for which offer or request you have contacted the person.
    3. Please keep it professional.
  7. Any person who if found to abuse the service or who receives a complaint about will be removed by the Admin.